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Abrasivos Unesa

Abrasivos Unesa set up in Hernani in 1952, in association with Naxos-Union from Frankfurt Am Main.



Grupo Manhattan

Flexible manufacturing was developed to reduce delivery periods to 3 weeks (previously 2 months).
Within the Manhattan Group, specialized in manufacturing vitrified and resinoid abrasives and even extended its range of Manhattan products, offering a comprehensive service.



Manhattan Germany & USA

In the process of international growth of the group, besides the German delegation Manhattan GmbH, Manhattan Abrasives U.S.A. was launched as a sales delegation in the United States, in order to offer a more direct and closer service to this market.



India, Brazil & Italy

In the decade of 2000 the Manhattan Group increased its international presence:
Commercial relations in India were consolidated, thus establishing a commercial agency and technical service in Chennai.
In the same way another agency was set up in Brazil, in order to offer a better service to clients located in the South American market.
In addition, during this period collaboration began with the Italian company Siapi S.R.L.