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Technical consulting

Our objective is to offer our clients customized technological solutions to enable them to improve their performance and increase competitiveness.


Customized solutions

Customized solutions

Explain your needs to our expert personnel. A customized research process will make it possible to provide you with the optimum solution. A subsequent monitoring phase will help to supervise and optimize the results obtained.


Optimization of processes

Optimized processes

If a need for improvement in your grinding process is detected, think of us as the ideal partner. Improving results, reducing costs or increasing capacity are some of the challenges which we can face together. Our experts will be able to advise you about any factor involved in your process: equipment adjustments, cooling characteristics, etc.


Personalized monitoring

Personalized monitoring

Abrasivos Unesa and the Manhattan Group are characterized by our commitment and flexibility. From the beginning of our commercial relationship, we guarantee you a personalized and exclusive treatment, as well as a rigorous monitoring of the results. In this way, we are capable of anticipating a solution to any symptom without detriment to your results.


Expert advice on new processes

Advice on new processes

You now have at your disposal an experienced collaborator for your innovation projects. Faced with the implementation of a new productive grinding process, remember to consult us on the characteristics to take into account with new components or installations.