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Infeed centerless grinding

Our recommendation for infeed centerless grinding wheels is usually a ceramic wheel on a piece to avoid the joint area between wheels.

The wheel may also have different areas (size of grain and hardness) in order to optimize the different surface requirements of a piece.

The width of the wheel on a piece has always been an element to be solved. Abrasivos Unesa has developed the necessary technology to manufacture pieces of up to 370mm with a homogeneity of hardness which is difficult to improve on.

For widths greater than the joint this is carried out obliquely, so as to minimize the surface difference that the joint generates.

Machining the working preform wheel is optional, minimizing the changeover time and consumption of the diamond dresser.

Diameter (mm) 350 - 760 mm. 14 - 30 inch.
Thickness - 1 piece 25 - 370 mm. 1 -14 ½ inch.
Thickness - several pieces 250 - 800 mm. 10 - 32 inch.
Size of grain 36 - 320
Recommended speed 35 - 50 m/s
Maximum speed 63 m/s