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Technical development

Improving the productive process in Abrasivos UnesaAbrasive grains

Without losing sight of the human factor, essential in the manufacturing of an optimum product, we have tried to increase the degree of automation of the process.

Different technological advances carried out over recent years have enabled us to reach the current level of control of the productive process, which guarantees optimum results from the point of view of product quality and delivery deadlines.


Research and development of new solutionsInvestigation related graphics

This process includes both the recommendation of an existing reference, such as the development of a new formulation capable of satisfying your needs, with results validated throughout the process in almost all applications.

Abrasivos Unesa collaborates actively with public and private institutions for the research and development of new applications and products aimed at the area of grinding with conventional abrasives.

PROWHEEL projectPROWHEEL project

Abrasivos Unesa s developing the PROWHEEL project, within the Hazitek business R&D support program of the Basque Government, framed in the Operational Program of the Basque Country FEDER 2021-2027.

In the thematic purpose "Improving research, technological development and innovation".